Update (August 12, 2021):

The ACLU of Maryland is calling for a transparent investigation and police accountability regarding the officer-involved death of 40-year-old Marcus Martin. Addressing preventative measures, the ACLU tweeted: “Baltimore City, all major jurisdictions in MD, need to have fully funded mental health teams that can be deployed when people are in crisis, including situations when people are armed.” The group is also demanding that all camera footage related to the incident be released to the public.


What happened? 

Baltimore Police officers fatally shot an unidentified man around 3 a.m. on Monday, August 9 after exchanging gunfire with the man in Northeast Baltimore’s Glenham-Belhar neighborhood. Police believed the victim was having a behavioral health crisis at the time of the incident. 

Why wasn’t this prevented? 

According to Adrienne Breidenstine, a representative for the Behavioral Health System Baltimore,  the response team run by Baltimore Crisis Response Inc.— made up of mental health professionals–psychiatrists, social workers and nurses —  didn’t come to the scene because the man was allegedly armed with possible hostages.. Meanwhile, the police department’s internal crisis response team consisting of five police officers  trained in crisis intervention techniques and one social worker was off duty at the time. 

Anything else I should know? 

Police have fatally shot four people in Baltimore so far this year,  including Monday’s victim, The Baltimore Sun reports. 

You can watch the Baltimore Police’s press conference here and read more here