Newly Discovered Artifacts Advance Baltimore City’s Indigenous History

What’s happening?

In Northeast Baltimore’s Herring Run Park, archeologists Lisa Kraus and Jason Shellenhamer recently found “a trove of projectile points, drills and other artifacts” created by humans from stone up to 9,000 years ago, according to the Baltimore Brew.  

How does this further what we know about Baltimore’s Native American history? 

Up until now, archeological work on indigenous people in Baltimore “trailed off after the 1980s,” said Shellenhamer, who believes the park was used as a seasonal hunting camp for centuries. They are currently researching to confirm more information on the artifacts. 

Anything else I should know? 

Kraus and Shellenhamer are partnering with the Friends of Herring Run Park, which is creating a Herring Run Parks Heritage Trail that will honor Indigenous people. 

You can read more here. 


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