What’s happening?

On Monday, Sept. 13, Mayor Brandon Scott announced an initiative called the Baltimore City Pandemic Rent Court Program that lets vulnerable residents and landlords apply for back rent assistance in-person at rent court. 

To help create buy-in, the mayor sent a letter to the District Court of Maryland for Baltimore City’s Administrative Judge and Judge-In-Charge of the Civil Division requesting they urge landlords to postpone evictions and instead apply for back rent through the new program. 

What else is the city doing to keep people housed? 

City officials are also providing relocation services and legal representation. “We know that when tenants have access to legal services, they are less likely to be unfairly evicted,” said Acting Housing Commissioner Alice Kennedy. “It prevents displacement and homelessness, and reduces housing instability and trauma.”

As of August 27, Baltimore City’s Eviction Prevention Program gave residents $21.6 million in past-due rent payments, assisted 4,487 households in getting up to date on rent payments, and stopped about 1,044 evictions from happening, according to a press release.

Anything else I should know? 

Tenants and landlords in need of assistance can get more info here. You can read the mayor’s press release here