Federal Hill Residents Hired Private Security To Patrol The Neighborhood

What’s happening? 

An unarmed security officer in a marked car is now patrolling a section of Federal Hill from Light St. to the west, Covington St. to the east, Key Hwy. to the north and Cross St. to the south.

Oh, really? What prompted this? 

“When an assault and carjacking happened on our street on September 16, 2020, right on the heels of a shooting and murder in Federal Hill Park on September 13, my wife and I and several neighbors decided to investigate what could be done,” Ian Neuman, board president of the Federal Hill Neighborhood Patrol (FHNP), wrote on the organization’s website. 

Then, they spoke to residents in other Baltimore neighborhoods who hired a private security company to do night patrol and saw both subjective and data-driven improvements, he said. 

Good to know. Anything else? 

Darren Anderson, FHNP’s treasurer, told SouthBmore.com that the pilot program is currently funded for three months at a cost of  $6,000 per month. They are ramping up fundraising efforts to continue it beyond the allotted timeframe. 

You can read the full story here.


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