What’s happening?

The Baltimore Beat, a Black-owned and Black-led nonprofit news outlet, released its first print edition this Wednesday, Adam DeRose reports for the Baltimore Fishbowl. Following the closure of the long-running alt-weekly City Paper, the Beat originally opened in 2017 but closed soon after its funders backed out in the first few months. 

What is the Baltimore Beat’s mission? 

The Baltimore Beat’s founders plan to bring physically accessible and free news to underrepresented communities in Baltimore with a particular focus on neighborhoods. “People that are thought about the least and have the least access to news and information in journalism, if they are served, then everybody else is served,” said editor-in-chief, Lisa Snowden. 

The Beat will also boast a rich arts and culture section modeled after the spirit of alternative weekly publications. “As an artist, having your work in print is a big deal. A lot is lost and flattened online. Our focus is the beautiful print product, and it’s free,” said arts and culture editor Terri Henderson.

Anything else I should know? 

Though the Baltimore Beat is an alternative newspaper, its print editions will be published on a bi-weekly basis. 

You can read more here.