What’s happening?

More than 900 women and children experience homelessness every night in Baltimore City, according to the local organization Helping Up Mission (HUM), which is opening a seven-story facility for women and children who are unsheltered, suffering from drug and alcohol addictions, and experiencing mental health challenges. The building will house a medical suite, hair and nail salon, gym, and space for workforce and educational development in East Baltimore. 

Tell me more about HUM. 

HUM was founded in 1885 and serves as an emergency shelter for several dozen men. Its flagship program, which launched in the 1990s, is a yearlong, 12-step, spiritual-based recovery initiative. It’s the largest live-in recovery program in Maryland and has graduated more than 2,000 men and women.  

Anything else I should know? 

HUM’s recovery programs are free for participants and supported by donors. 

You can learn more about the organization in this feature story by Baltimore Magazine here