What’s happening?

The Board of Estimates approved on Wednesday Baltimore City’s plan to use $14.7 million in federal funds from the Covid-19 pandemic relief package for trash cleanup in neglected neighborhoods, Bethany Raja reports for WYPR. 

What are the specifics of the city’s plan? 

The initiative, called Clean Corp, will allow community groups to hire residents and pay them $15 an hour to clean public spaces by removing trash, cutting overgrown grass, and responding to other common service requests. The 15 neighborhoods chosen for the project will receive $340,000 for cleanup services over two and a half years. 

Officials said they hope this program will be the first step toward full-time employment with the city, as well as strengthen the connection between residents. “It brings neighborhoods together. It’s not just going out and cleaning. It’s doing that in community,” said Jason Mitchell, the director of Baltimore City’s public works department. 

Anything else I should know? 

The Baltimore Civic Fund plans to open applications for the program later this month. 

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