Baltimore Judge Makes Ruling On Maryland’s Enhanced Unemployment Benefits

Update (7/14/2021):

Baltimore City Judge Lawrence Fletcher-Hill has ruled against Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s petition to end enhanced federal government unemployment benefits for Marylanders. The benefits will now continue through early September.

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What’s happening? 

On Tuesday, July 13, Baltimore Judge Fletcher-Hill will hear an argument to decide the fate of enhanced benefits—such as eligibility for more people and larger payouts—for unemployed Marylanders. 

What caused this case? 

“It’s the extended bonus $300 that’s keeping people home,” Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan previously told The Baltimore Sun. As such, the governor announced he planned to take the state out of programs for COVID-19 related unemployment benefits in July, even though the federal government will payout through the week of September 6. Gov. Hogan’s decision, which is in sync with two dozen other Republican governors, led to two lawsuits from unemployed workers. A judge issued a temporary order for the state to keep participating until both sides presented in court. 

Anything else I should know? 

Gov. Hogan could contest the decision if the judge agrees to keep the benefits, but he’ll have to until at least mid-August because the federal government requires 30 days’ notice to end participation in the programs.

You can read the full story here.  

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