Baltimore City Couple Is Suing School District To Get Better Outcomes For Students

What’s happening?

A Baltimore City couple has filed a lawsuit alleging that the public school system and city council engaged in fraudulent behavior including inflating enrollment numbers as student academic performance continues to decline, reports WBFF’s Mikenzie Frost. 

What could be the outcome of this lawsuit? 

The couple, Jovani and Shawnda Patterson, is asking the judge to mandate significant changes to drastically improve academic outcomes for students. “Instead of graduating unable to read and write and being sentenced to a life of poverty and potentially crime, these kids can graduate and go on to Hopkins or Harvard or Morgan or technical schools. They can realize their dreams,” said the couple’s attorney Scott Marder. 

Marder also foresees the case as a precedent to be used in similar cases across the country. 

Anything else I should know? 

Earlier this month, a Project Baltimore investigation revealed that more than 75 percent of students who took the iReady assessment at Patterson High School—one of the largest high schools in Baltimore—scored at elementary levels in math and reading.

You can read more about the lawsuit here. 

Editorial Disclaimer: Reporting for this story was provided by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and we thank them for their support. However, the findings and conclusions presented in this article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Foundation.


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