Baltimore-area Parents Help Each Other Find Baby Formula Amid Nationwide Shortage

What’s happening?

Amid a nationwide shortage of baby formula, Baltimore-area parents are helping others find the product through Facebook groups, Cristina Mendez reports for WJZ. 

How are these groups connecting parents with formula? 

Mother and lactation consultant Tori Sproat encouraged the 9,400 members of the “Moms of Baltimore County” Facebook group to post photos of shelves stocked with baby formula at local grocery stores. “We need to be feeding babies,” Sproat said. “That is our number one rule as a lactation consultant.”

Another mom, Kelli Webb, started her own Facebook group, “Mamas Helping Mamas – Formula Shortage PA/MD Line,” which now has over 1,500 members. “There’s complete strangers giving away formula, purchasing it for others and meeting up whenever, dropping it off,” Webb said. “Whatever they can do to help.”

Anything else I should know? 

Parents should not accept baby formula with an unsealed container or with an expired “Use By” date, said Dr. Guarav Kumar, the Medical Director of LifeBridge Health Pediatrics. Kumar also said parents should not make their own formula or use substitutes such as regular, oat, or goat milks. 

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