What’s happening?

Photographer Saskia Kahn has launched a photo and interview series called Skatepark Baltimore to celebrate the racial and gender-inclusive community emerging in Roosevelt Park’s skatepark, which is located in a mostly white working-class community.  

Sounds interesting. Tell me more. 

Kahn is implementing a participatory model by handing out point-and-shoot 35mm cameras to skaters during meetups. She then collaborates with them to select photos for the series. 

Anything else I should know? 

Kahn told BmoreArt that this project was the first time she’s experienced “community” in action. 

She says she hopes it will help people “recognize their power to positively impact others by inviting others to share in what you already love. I think the simple pleasures that fill one’s life, when shared, slowly but surely become a community.”

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