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Kevon Paynter

Kevon Paynter

Executive Director and Co-founder

Kevon Paynter is an entrepreneur and journalist living in Maryland. He’s the founder of Bloc By Block News Maryland, a media cooperative uplifting local news and neighborhood voices.

Kevon’s published articles for Yes! Magazine and the Solution Journalism Network, and attracted readers to stories that highlighted everyday people who became resilient and organized in the face of societal problems.

He graduated from Howard University with a degree in Communications & Culture and studied for his Master’s degree in journalism at Georgetown University. You can find him playing pick-up basketball outside or connect with him on Twitter @kevonpaynter.

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Christina Sturdivant

Christina Sturdivant Sani

Editorial Director and Co-founder

Christina Sturdivant Sani is a writer and editor who has contributed to nearly two dozen publications including Washington Post, the Baltimore Afro-American newspaper, and Bloomberg’s CityLab.

At Bloc by Block News, Christina is responsible for setting and implementing the vision for the cooperative’s editorial initiatives. In this role, she’s intentional about amplifying the voices of people—both writers and subjects—who have historically been silenced by white-led media outlets.

Christina is also a podcast junkie, audiobook lover, coffee shop connoisseur, and proud Washington, D.C. native. She studied print journalism at Hampton University.

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